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INSANITY: THE ASYLUM™ Has Arrived. Are you ready for game day? As Shaun T says, “You can’t practice all the time. You have to perform at some point.” Like spring training, THE ASYLUM is the program that will get you ready to perform at your peak.


If you’ve already completed INSANITY®, you might be wondering, why do I need THE ASYLUM? Here are 5 significant differences between the two programs:

1. Go From Insane to Elite
With INSANITY you focused on improving your cardiovascular endurance and on total body conditioning. So, what’s left? How about improving your balance, agility, power, strength, and coordination? Jump higher. Run faster. If you want to become an elite athlete or just improve your game, THE ASYLUM is your winning strategy.

2. Progression System
With INSANITY, we focused on Max Interval Training. With THE ASYLUM we’ve added to that with sports progression drills to really step it up. They’ll keep you engaged and help you dramatically improve your power, form, and focus from day 1 to day 30.

3. New Tools!
The Speed Rope will torch those calories and the Agility Ladder will help you to become quicker on your feet while also measuring your progress.

4. An All-New Meal Plan
To get you ready for game day, we developed a 14-day meal plan that’s very different from the one you saw in INSANITY. Stick with it for 2 weeks (or, even better, for the full 30 days) and we bet you’ll be pleased with your results! Hint: you can have carbs this time around!

5. Added Resistance
In INSANITY, you used only your body weight as resistance. In THE ASYLUM, Shaun T steps it up and asks you to Dig Deep in what he calls the hardest strength workout he’s ever done. Depending on your goals, you can add weights, resistance bands, and a chin-up bar to your moves.

What is Insanity the Asylum?  What comes with the program?  Who should try Asylum?  What workouts are in Asylum and how long is it?  Does it come with a Nutritional plan?

What is Insanity the Asylum?

Insanity Asylum is the first in home sports training system which focuses on building strength, balance, agility, power, and coordination. Insanity Asylum will be a 30 day program of progressive sports drills that will improve your skills, power, form, and focus, to help transform you into an elite athlete. The program will include a speed rope and agility ladder, to help you master the moves and improve athleticism. It also includes cross training with weights and resistance.  As you can see by the pictures, it is being called “Volume 1: Sports Performance”  This should be the first of several volumes that will transform your sports performance beyond anything you have done before.

The SCIENCE behind Insanity Asylum:

  • Cross training with speed, agility, plyometrics, core, strength, and balance exercises.
  • Series of progressions that take your results to the next level.
  • MAX Interval Training in a sports specific application.

What do you get with Insanity Asylum:

Six DVD’s with 7 workouts plus an Athletic Performance Assessment (FIT Test).

Workouts Include:

1. Athletic Performance Assesment
2. Speed and Agility
3. Vertical Plyo + Relief
4. Strength
5. Game Day
6. Overtime
7. Back to Core

What Comes with Asylum:

1. Wall Calendars
2. Training Guide
3. Nutrition Guide
4. Speed Rope
5. Agility Ladder

Insanity Asylum also comes with Hybrid Calendars!

This program will ship with 3 different, complete 30 day workout calendars.

1. Asylum
2. Asylum / Insanity
3. Asylum / P90X

So even though this is a 30 day program, you can easily do all 3 calendars for a 90 day program, using the workout programs you LOVE!

Insanity Asylum Nutrition Guide:

In this “Get Shredded” nutrition guide, you will get a 14 day meal plan. Shaun T encourages you to follow the 14 day plan twice for a 30 day period. If you follow the program, he promises results! Of course, you have to follow the plan!

What are the Core Benefits:

1. All areas of fitness, agility ladder, and speed rope, weights, bands, and chin-up bar.
2. Nutrition plan, energy, stamina, and peak athletic performance.
3. Sports training tools, skills, speed, endurance, coordination, and focus.
4. Proper form, improve mental toughness, and focus

Who should do Insanity Asylum:

  • Men and women in top physical shape
  • Extreme athletes
  • Graduates of Beachbody programs like P90X, Insanity, Turbo Fire, Chalean Extreme etc

Who should NOT do Insanity Asylum:

  • Beginners, pregnant women, people who aren’t willing to work hard, people who don’t consistently do high impact exercises.

How much will Asylum cost?

There is a DELUXE option with more equipment included such as chin up bar, bands, etc. Shaun T also advised that people in the video are doing the workouts with and without equipment (demonstrating modified moves) so that even if you don’t have all of the equipment, you can still do this program.

Have any questions about Insanity the Asylum?  Feel free to comment and I will answer them as best I can!
Are you ready for THE ASYLUM experience? Let Me Know

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