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10 Apr

Greetings All,

We are starting a blog that will include recipes. I plan to give a grocery list every week as well as recipes for the week. We like to make a big enough dinner to have leftovers for lunch and our breakfasts tend to be a mid-morning Shakeology…YUM!. So these recipes ought to be enough to get you through the week if you’re cooking for 2-3 people. Each day we’ll put up one of the recipes for your tasting pleasure!

All of our recipes are paleo/primal/gluten free/grain free and, in our opinion, full of awesome. You will notice there are a few ingredients that are in most of the dishes, so when you get the basics shopping becomes pretty easy. We hope you enjoy!

Jessika & Andy

What’s for Dinner?

Monday: Ratatouille

Tuesday: Gingered Carrots with Mahi Mahi

Wednesday: Coconut Curry Shrimp

Thursday: Chicken Piccata

Friday: Slow Cooked Salsa chicken

Saturday: Chicken “Dive-In”

Sunday: Green Curry Chicken

Shopping list:


Chicken Breast (6 lb)

Shrimp (4c)

Mahi Mahi or other white fish (1 lb)


Yellow Onion (3)

Garlic Cloves (10)

Shallot (1)

Red Pepper (1)

Broccoli (1 head or frozen equivalent + 4c)

Japanese Eggplant (3)

Frozen Peas (1 bag)

Lemons (1/4c juice, 1 T juice)

Fresh Parsley (1/4c)

Broccoli/Cauliflower Combo (frozen 8c, Asian combo works well)

Carrots (4)

Green Onions (5)

Fresh Ginger (2T)

Zucchini (1)

Red Onion (1)

Green Bell Peppers (2)

Tomatoes (4-5 or a couple cans of stewed tomatoes)

Fresh Rosemary (6 stalks)

Canned/Jarred Goods:

28 oz Salsa

Coconut Milk (2-3 cans)

Green Curry Paste

Water Chestnuts (1 can)

Sliced Mushrooms (1c optional)

Capers (1/4c)

Spices/Oils etc:

Celtic Sea Salt

Garlic Powder

Curry Powder


Sliced Almonds

Almond (or Coconut) Flour (1/2c,

Grapeseed Oil (5T

Olive Oil

Chicken Stock/broth (1&1/2c)

Crushed Red Pepper

Coconut Oil

Tamari (gluten free soy sauce) (1T

Cayenne Pepper

Sriracha hot chili sauce (plastic bottle with a green top)

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